OPEN OUR SCHOOLS FULLY - ROC for Educational Freedom

Parents for Transparency,

Accountability & Change.

Founded in May 2020 by a mom in Rochester, New York, ROC for Educational Freedom is a diverse group of concerned parents, teachers, taxpayers, physicians, lawyers, etc. seeking transparency, accountability, and positive change in New York State schools.  


School as we know it for many children may never be the same. With a new push to “Reimagine Schools” in New York State and with so many unknowns about the upcoming school year, parents cannot sit quietly “waiting to see” what happens.  The group was formed to address drastic changes to schools in the Greater Rochester area and throughout New York State.  In the best interest of children, parents need to be included and involved in the decision-making process in the opening and future of our schools.


Our communities deserve transparency from elected officials, state and county health leaders, and school districts. Families deserve to have a voice in the conversation. With the CDC's new recommendations, children's lives will be turned upside down by such drastic measures that are being pushed both locally and nationally.

Socially, educationally, and emotionally the needs of children throughout New York State will NOT be met, and it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that they receive not only what they need and deserve, but also what we pay for as taxpayers.


We are NOT ALONE in this fight and we need to not only support and advocate for our children, but also for EACH OTHER! It truly takes a village and we will stand up and advocate for the healthiest ways to educate our children in schools moving forward TOGETHER as a like-minded community.

Isolating children, imposing drastic measures upon them daily, or creating a world where they live in fear is unhealthy and unacceptable.


We WILL protect our children and give them the best possible future!