16 Monroe County School Districts & County Officials Sued by Parents - OPEN OUR SCHOOLS!

As many of our followers may remember, on December 24, 2020, Monroe County Superintendents were issued a "warning" letter by Attorney Carl Schwartz pertaining to the full reopening of Monroe County Schools. See letter by clicking HERE.

Parents represented by Carl Schwartz were demanding a full reopening plan from schools and were warned that if a plan to reopen schools fully by February 1, 2021 was not produced that by January 8, 2021 parents would be moving forward with formal legal action.

To date, ZERO school districts responded to the letter. This once again confirms their lack of empathy and respect for families and more importantly children who are being negatively impacted by schools not being open 5 days a week.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, a lawsuit was filed and assigned to the Honorable Judge Ann Marie Taddeo by Attorney Carl Schwartz listing Monroe County Executive Adam Bello, Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza, and 16 Monroe County school districts as defendants on behalf of parents and children who have suffered the repercussions of their negligence and overreaching actions. This includes losses not only monetarily, but more importantly educationally, mentally, emotionally, and physically as outlined in the Article 78.

Click HERE to see full Article 78 Lawsuit (Index #: E2021000470) and Exhibits.

ROC for Educational Freedom received over 500 family requests to take part in the lawsuit with varying severities in their complaints. It has been truly heartbreaking to speak to each of these families and see the effects that hybrid and virtual learning are having on our children. IT MUST STOP!

Please be aware that if you are a parent reading this who was not listed as a plaintiff in this lawsuit, it is our intention to open up legal action against the school districts and county for participation by ALL families beyond the additional plaintiff's listed. We are seeking justice for ALL children and families! Justice will be served for EVERY child.

THANK YOU to not only Carl Schwartz, but the numerous other attorneys, physicians, and individuals behind the scenes who have made this happen for the children and families in Monroe County.

A special thank you as well to the Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Children's Health Defense for their unwavering attention and support to not only this local lawsuit, but the pending lawsuits against New York State officials in 13 counties across the state.

We will continue to fight for our children and schools.

As we have said from day one, "WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!"

Children deserve a FULL-TIME, IN-PERSON education that follows the "facts" and "science."