America's Front Line Doctors Summit

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube censored and removed the America Front Line Doctors Summit video hundreds (if not thousands) of times yesterday as the internet was buzzing with millions of Americans wanting to hear what these physicians had to say. This video is so important for Americans to see as many physicians (who have been threatened and silenced) speak out about Covid-19 this week on the steps of Capitol Hill. 

HERE IS THE VIDEO BELOW. Press Conference from July 27, 2020 below starts at the 4:40 minute mark.  Very interesting..Please watch and share!!!

**TAKE NOTE: When social media deletes something or disables an individual repeatedly, you know it is striking a nerve. Healthcare professionals will NOT be silenced here in Rochester, NY or across the country! Stories regarding the "silencing" of these physicians (and anyone who dare speak out on their behalf) yesterday below: