Behavior By Health Officials & Schools is “Nonviable, Cruel, Punishing, and Completely Useless"

A group of physicians from around the country have come together and have been speaking truth about Covid-19 in America with the help of Texas Senator Bob Hall. While watching this video below, a physician by the name of Dr. Mark McDonald - a child and adolescent psychiatrist from West Los Angeles, California shares some pretty compelling and quite frankly disturbing information all parents or those who care about our children must hear.

If you are remotely on the fence about sending your child(ren) to school or doubting how this Covid-19 hysteria might be effecting or will affect your child(ren), his facts may be enough to change your mind....

That is if you follow the REAL science and data our elected officials don't want you to see or hear.

Some highlights of what he shares in the video below includes:

  • Almost 5x as many kids have died of flu this year vs. covid (48 deaths as of August)

  • 400 kids die a year of bath tub drownings (do they stop us from bathing our kids?)

  • The rate of suicide among children has exceeded that of covid deaths.

  • A large study out of Germany shows the rate of transmission is so low in children, they almost serve as “barriers” in the community and TEACHERS ARE SAFER IN A CLASSROOM with children than in their own homes.

**He states, ”We are treating our anxieties and fears as adults and parents through our children and we are holding them hostage.”**

”This is not only an error, IT IS NEGLECT. It is CHILD ABUSE!” says Dr. McDonald.

  • We are instilling fear in children and creating anxieties that make them scared of being around others (this is an actual mental health condition).

  • Children are developing immense and very real fears about needing to be tested and sent home from their school for 14 days while making their friends have to isolate, too.

**This behavior by our health officials and schools is “nonviable, cruel, punishing, and completely useless.” **

  • Dr. McDonald shares, ”Children who are in school being subjected to this type of abuse will he harmed beyond belief.”

  • This exposure is leading to increased phobias, anxiety, depression, anorexia, suicide, victims of sexual & physical abuse.

  • Parents need to think for themselves and teachers need to think outside of their unions - and most importantly DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE CHILDREN!

**”Anyone who tells you differently is either misinformed or lying to you,” states Dr. McDonald.**

Guess what? These are the "FACTS" & "SCIENCE!" Our children are being neglected and abused!

Had enough???

Credit: Senator Bob Hall's Facebook page. Full video can be found here of all the doctors: