Big Announcement - Joining Forces & Strengthening Legal Action - How You Can Help

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! Wondering how you can help with our lawsuit efforts?

*** We have some exciting news on the legal front:

ROC for Educational Freedom is excited to have partnered with NY Parents & Teachers Against Distance Learning *home of the NOISE campaign to continue to quickly and efficiently file lawsuits across New York State with the unwavering leadership of ROC for Educational Freedom’s Attorney Carl J. Schwartz, Jr.

This partnership will allow us to stand UNITED across NY State (including NYC, LI, SI & all the Upstate regions). Between our two groups we are over 30,000 followers strong and growing by the day!

Plaintiffs of the lawsuit are seeking an injunction and declaratory relief, challenging as unlawful and unconstitutional the emergency measures put in place by the State of New York in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes violations pertaining to the 1st Amendment, 5th Amendment & 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

Those impacted include: Schools, Religious Institutions, Performing Artists/Gyms/Sports, University students, Landlords and Business Owners.

As our group already knows, we have already filed in Monroe, Schuyler, Yates & Seneca Counties successfully and are full steam ahead with some positive updates to share shortly!

It is important to note:

***Mr. Schwartz is providing his time and legal services for NO FEE. He is a true patriot fighting for our children and all New Yorkers negatively impacted.***

However, the NOISE campaign will continue to fundraise to cover all legal expenses including filing fees, process service fees, travel/hotel fees, expert witness fees, & all other expenses related to the lawsuit. We don't want any plaintiffs to incur any fees!

**Make no mistake...this is a war & we want to be armed with the best amenities. The greater our funds...the easier it will be to secure our weapons.**

For those that have sent emails to the NOISE campaign already & expressed interest in filing, we are presently processing your emails & you will receive an email shortly.

For anyone who has been impacted in ANY of the following ways: Schools, Religious Institutions, Performing Artists/Gyms/Sports, University students, Landlords and Business Owner, you can join our legal action.

Send an email with the following information to: and include the following:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • School district

  • Number of children

  • Applicable Ground(s)

  • Brief description of harm caused or suffering endured

For those that have donated THANK YOU. If you have not and are looking for a way to help, please consider donating to our campaign at the GoFundMe link below. Any little bit helps!

Thank you for your continued support. Let's make some NOISE together across New York State!!!!!!!