ATTENTION - ACTION REQUIRED! This week is going to be a busy one for our group! We are NO LONGER GOING TO SIT QUIETLY WAITING and just accept whatever happens with school in September.

With the guidance of amazing legal counsel here in our city, we are ready to fight and to protect our children and our rights.

WE THE TAXPAYERS PAY OUR SCHOOL OFFICIALS AND BOE'S TO WORK FOR US! PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS PETITION, SIGN, SHARE, AND GET AS MANY SIGNATURES AS POSSIBLE! This petition will be hand delivered to our local superintendents, BOE members, elected officials in the coming weeks as we ramp up our efforts to make sure our children get THE BEST education and WE GET WHAT WE ARE PAYING FOR!

"We will not stay locked down, and our children will return to normalcy in September at school. You will not mask them, you will not scare them, and you should take heed of your own “anti-bully” posters that ‘grace’ the building walls, and know that our children will come back feeling safe and secure and the “old normal” will flourish!

We will not allow you to hide behind the Governor, nor blame Albany, nor claim any longer that “our hands are tied”. These are our Schools, this is our education system, and these are our Children! You will answer to us, or we will withhold our SCHOOL TAX payment for the 2020-2021 school year."

NO "NORMAL" SCHOOL? MEDICAL MANDATES? .....NO SCHOOL TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Copy & Paste onto your own social media pages and spread the word!!!!)

Open Schools in September or NO TAXES!