Comply or Else! - No Test = No School, Covid Isolation Rooms & More! Facebook Live w/ Chad Hummel


On Tuesday many parents were learning what the "orange zone" was going to entail for their children not only in the public schools, but also at private schools here in New York State as well. Emails and robocalls were flying as parents were learning either their children were going to comply and be tested OR would not be able to return to in person school. Many also learned that there were not enough resources for their children to take part in remote learning and their children would only be given asynchronous packets of worksheets to work on alone at home.

Chad Hummel, parent of four school age children in the East Irondequoit School District immediately expressed concern to his district's superintendent Mary Grow. He stated to his school district that if his children were denied entry to school because he would not allow them to be tested, he would consider legal action as it was unlawful to withhold an in person education from children for such reason.

Chad did not hear back from Superintendent Mary Grow, but rather received the letter below from a law firm based out of Syracuse that represents many school districts throughout Monroe County.

This letter was rather threatening and attempted to shun the Hummel's into simply complying and getting the "free" and "non-invasive" test. It also suggested that if he sent his children to school without doing so they would be put in "Covid isolation rooms."

Below are photos of this letter from the attorney's office.

Parents should be OUTRAGED!

How dare a school district stick their attorneys on a parent and taxpayer who is simply pointing out the obvious?

How dare an attorney's office representing a school district tell a parent how they should handle a medical testing situation for a child?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! MAKE NO MISTAKE -- THIS letter isn't just meant for Chad Hummel -- THIS is how they feel about all parents who are not wanting to comply!