Cuomo’s Office CLOSED to Process Servers

Thank you WROC-TV Channel 8 in Rochester, NY for the coverage at link below:

An update from our attorney regarding our multi county education lawsuits that we continue to file daily...

This is potentially a BIG DEAL.

Today - Cuomo closed his offices (it seems indefinitely) so that summons could not be served. The process server was turned away and we have been told this is unprecedented ...

Here is a note from our attorney Carl Schwartz we received this morning:

“Yes. When the process servers showed up at the Governor's office they were advised that the office had been closed and that the Governor was not accepting service of process of legal papers. The server then went to Commissioner Zucker's office and was told the same thing.

In layman's terms, our government has three branches so that they can always, civilly and without having to resort to use of force and self-help, keep each other in check. By not allowing himself to be served, our Governor is raising himself above the law and cutting off the judicial branch from being able to keep him in check. This is the first thing than any leader does when they start moving toward a dictatorship ... Its fear that allows dictators to rule and its power that corrupts men quite absolutely if given absolute power and that is what our governor has been given. He is ruling our State, not governing it. He refers to his rules as laws even though they are not. Legislators make laws, administrators apply them, and the courts reign in their power as needed.

Andrew is making a power grab. He is disregarding the courts. That is how revolutions get started. This needs to be nipped in the bud NOW.

Your fellow patriot,

Carl J. Schwartz, Jr., Esq.”