🎉As our group gets ready to soar past 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ members today with over 500 requests needing approval over the last 24 hours, I want to make a few things VERY clear as our group has been painted out by a small handful in our community as being hateful, divisive, extremists, intolerant, and the list goes on...

✔️FACT: To date, only 20 members have been blocked out of over 4,000 requests approved into this group. We are NOT a group who heavily polices or bounces people for no good reason. If you got blocked, it was for a reason - refer to our about us to clarify what is not tolerated.

A few reminders:

This is NOT a we only want schools open with zero health precautions group.

This is NOT an anti-vax group.

This is NOT an anti-teacher group.

This is NOT a “covid doesn’t exist group.”

This is NOT a right wing conspiracy group.


This IS a group who has said from DAY ONE ——— OPTIONS FOR ALL!!!!!!!

This IS a group who has said teachers are important and we need you.

This IS a group who has said COVID does exist, but let’s look at the facts first and see if it’s safe to open schools.

This IS a group who’s members have posted materials from all over the world from both political parties, etc.

This IS a group with thousands of members - all with their own unique opinions on how to reopen schools. AND A REMINDER..... Everything posted is NOT personally endorsed by the admin of the group.


➡️➡️➡️Moving forward:

We DO have the right to deny posts if they have been repeated or they are not remotely concerned with reopening schools. We do not need to explain ourselves — the material needs to remain more focused moving forward and needs to abide by the rules in our about us. (DON’T GIVE THE HATERS A REASON TO HATE!)

We DO have the right to mute or remove a member if we receive numerous complaints from members and the person is being harassing and not constructive.

‼️‼️‼️If this group doesn’t align with your views and you don’t want CHOICES FOR ALL (which includes a full reopening of schools for those who so desire), please leave and do not put us in a position of having to remove you or have fighting between members.



It means having in school options for those who feel safe sending their children and/or teach (if medically it is proven to be safe to do so).

It means having distance learning/hybrid school options for those who don’t feel safe attending a school as a student or as a teacher.

It means being included in decisions for our children and schools both here at the local level and at the state level - EVERY SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT NEEDS TO BE HEARD FAIRLY.

It means continuing to push our schools to be a team and work together with us on a reopening plan - hearing everyone’s voices and most importantly being TRANSPARENT.



⚠️⚠️For those who have tried to:

troll me break me down spread lies about me call me a child killer question my love for my children criticize my parenting abilities question my credentials/worthiness to have a platform suggest no one likes me or I’m a nobody

❤️We ALL are somebody and I respect fully your decision to do what is best for YOU and YOUR family and I do not represent our entire community by a long shot.❤️

👊🏻These actions/words are a representation of you, not me.

❤️BUT I do have a right and will continue to use my voice to advocate for myself and like-minded individuals.❤️

🙌🏻I encourage EVERYONE to try and find the courage to stand up for what YOU believe in. EVERY voice matters and YES, it does take courage to do so. 🙌🏻