Mendoza "has no ability to permit, prohibit or enforce" Your School Opening FULLY!

This week we learned from the Monroe County Department of Health that they are NOT capable of calling the shots or keeping your schools closed, hybrid, etc. Dr. Mendoza and his office (who've acted as the ultimate authority for months with zero regard for children or families) are now blaming your schools for not having your kids in the classroom five days a week as they only provide "support" & "recommendations" and can't ultimately determine what your school district chooses to do. See email below and feel free to shoot Julie Philipp's (Mendoza's mouth piece) an email letting her know how you feel:

This is rather ironic being we are also in possession of emails from NUMEROUS superintendents claiming MENDOZA shot down their reopening plans to use barriers vs. 6ft, etc. much like Perry Central Schools have successfully implemented and they feel is the main reason they can't get your kids back in school 5 full days. (See Perry Schools full reopen HERE.)

Our request to you as parents is: SEND YOUR SUPERINTENDENTS & BOE MEMBERS AN EMAIL TODAY! Let the Superintendents and BOEs know that the Monroe County Health Department has no control over keeping them hybrid, closed, or dictating their plans to either distance or use barriers.

SHARE THIS EMAIL FROM THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT ABOVE AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE or tell them to show you otherwise that they are indeed not who is keeping your children from a full-time, 5 day a week education!!!!

If counties surrounding Monroe County, downstate, etc. can make barriers work, IT'S TIME THEY MAKE IT WORK or STEP ASIDE AND ALLOW SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Below are two emails written by local physicians Dr. Clayton Baker and Dr. Helen Strapko for your reading pleasure and to hopefully serve as inspiration as you write to your local superintendents. Both of these physicians have met repeatedly with local superintendents and tried working with them to advocate for full reopenings using the SCIENCE and FACTS to no avail.

Email from Dr. Clayton Baker:

Email from Dr. Helen Strapko: