Mendoza No Longer Involved - Send to Your Schools This Info!


❓Did you know that numerous schools here in Monroe County have piles of plexiglass in storage NEVER used because Mendoza denied their initial reopening plans to use barriers last summer?

❓Did you know that we have PROOF from numerous superintendents that MENDOZA would NOT allow use of barriers directly contradicting state guidelines making it impossible for your schools to fully reopen?

❓Did you know that Mendoza is now back pedaling and switching his tone real freaking quick claiming this is all between the schools and the state trying to clear his name?

👎🏻Guess what Mendoza? You never should have meddled in our schools business where you didn’t belong!! Your negligence and bad “guidance” has ruined many children’s lives!

‼️SEND THIS VIDEO below along with the letters/emails below TO YOUR SCHOOLS TODAY!!!

‼️Tell your BOE and Superintendents you want your school FULLY OPEN NOW (like the hundreds of others who have been open 5 full days) USING BARRIERS!