Monroe County Legislature Meeting 11/10 - Parents Speak Out Against Mendoza & Bello

On Tuesday evening for close to 70 minutes, almost 100 emails submitted by concerned parents and citizens were read to the Monroe County Legislature addressing the grave concerns many in Monroe County have with the handling of the Covid-19 response by County Executive Adam Bello and Dr. Michael Mendoza.

Parents in particular expressed great concern regarding Dr. Michael Mendoza referring to children in our community as "convenient samples" and was criticized repeatedly for abusing and/or neglecting children through his actions (or lack thereof). In addition, County Executive Adam Bello was repeatedly called out for his lack of leadership, avoidance of community members with concerns, and repeatedly was referred to as Cuomo's "lapdog" or "puppet" by community members.

This should serve as great concern to the community as accusations were made by not only concerned parents, but teachers and physicians regarding the exaggerated data, unconstitutional leadership approach, lack of accessibility to answer community members' concerns, and not following the "science."

Parents are asking the Monroe County Legislator to look into the actions of County Executive Adam Bello and Dr. Michael Mendoza and hold them accountable for what is occurring to children who are being gravely impacted by their unacceptable actions. This comes as the Honorable Judge Taddeo recently signed an Order to Show Cause in an existing lawsuit against County Executive Adam Bello, Dr. Michael Mendoza, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Dr. Howard Zucker ordering all defendants to appear in court on Monday, November 23rd as over a dozen plaintiffs in Monroe County are suing them for their unconstitutional response to Covid-19.

Public emails from concerned parents are read starting at 19:22 in the YouTube video on Monroe County's YouTube channel link below.