Open Letter from Pittsford Parents - Our Children & Community Deserve An Apology


Over a dozen parents in the Pittsford Central School District have released an open letter BELOW directed to Superintendent Michael Pero and the Pittsford School Board after high school students were wrongly accused and later exonerated of supposed "racist" behavior.

This comes as the community is also expressing great concern that Pittsford Town Supervisor Candidate Kendra Evans used the accusations of racism at the school district to benefit her campaign bid.

The students and families of the district who were put on display by the school district as well as Kendra Evans stunt of running to the media with unfounded allegations created a hostile environment for many children and detracted from the community's ability to have difficult and more meaningful conversations around the real issues of race and racism.

Parents - continue to speak up. DO NOT let anyone attempt to use our children in their sick political stunts!

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"October 7,2021

Open Letter to Superintendent Michael Pero, BOE President Amy Thomas, and the entire PCSD Board of Education

Dear Mr. Pero, Ms. Thomas, and all Board Members:

On two recent occasions surrounding recent Mendon soccer games, our children – your Pittsford Central School District students – were falsely accused of racist behavior that your own investigations have clearly shown to have never happened.

We are glad that the investigations were performed, and that they exonerated our children - your students - of those despicable false accusations.

However, it is not enough for you to announce that the investigations proved that the accusations were false, and stop there.

The reputations of our children, our school district, and our community have been falsely and viciously attacked. This is not the first time this has happened. We have good reason and evidence to believe these false accusations are deliberate and political in origin.

We will not allow this to continue to happen – certainly not to our children. No longer.

You, as the leader of the school district, must take strong and immediate action against this disgusting attack on our children’s good names.

We call upon you to:

1. Publicly DENOUNCE the false accusations. Even when proven false, such accusations can still cause great harm to the falsely accused.

2. Take immediate and public steps to identify and punish the false accusers, in concert with the other School District, as necessary. People making false accusations against our children need to know there will be a cost to doing so.

3. Publicly state that, just as the District has no tolerance for racist behavior, it also has ZERO tolerance for false accusations, and state that these too will be punished when they are committed.

If you refuse to do the above, we will assume you hold the reputations and good names of our children in the same contempt that their false accusers do. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We await your response.

Sincerely yours,

Pittsford Central School District Parents"