Panorama Pediatric Group DEBACLE – What the community deserves to know…

Our group learned earlier this week of Panorama Pediatric Group's public apology to the community regarding a written statement they released on Monday 7/20 supporting the reopening of schools. Interestingly enough as the week progressed, this statement mirrored that of not only the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, but also the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated position on school reopening issued July 23, 2020.

Panorama Pediatric Group’s original statement was taken down off of their website and social media within 24 hours after they were accused according to their public apology of being “cavalier, divisive, and political". See original statement by clicking HERE (and come to your own conclusion).

This leads us to pose the following questions:

· Why would a group of specialized pediatric physicians (a practice that has been serving our community since 1959) clearly post a well thought out professional & factual statement to only then need to remove it?

· What or who could possibly make a group of highly respected physicians need to publicly apologize?

Furthermore, we feel it is important to point out to the public that it is becoming rather evident with the actions that have occurred over the last week to numerous physicians who dare speak out or go against our state and local county health officials that something doesn’t add up. It is our understanding that individuals are being subjected to intimidation for using their voices and medical knowledge to educate our community.

Parents and our community will continue to stand behind and fully support Panorama Pediatric Group’s original statement as well as the other highly specialized, well-respected physicians (click here) who have acted ethically and put the health and well-being of our children and our community first with their recommendations.

It is important to note these physicians STILL stand behind AAP guidelines that call for reasonable measures to make the reopening of schools to the fullest extent achievable such as 1 meter distancing (approx. 3.2 feet) versus 6 feet, limited or no masking for young children, etc. These are details our state and county health officials continue to ignore as they make the logistics of reopening schools simply unattainable.

We fully agree with Panorama Pediatric Group and many others when they state that there is no room for politics with children. Our families should NOT be used as pawns to further the agenda of our state and county health department and elected officials.

Consider this information as you start to question why our schools can’t REALLY reopen fully in September. Who is really behind our schools being unable to open their doors?