Political Action Group?? Response to Spencerport Schools

NOTE: This was removed from Spencerport Central Schools Facebook page 24 hours later. Must have reconsidered their actions????



😆The conversation becomes increasingly comical by the moment.😆


What started out as a grass roots group of parents advocating for the opening of schools and choices for all while asking for transparency from our districts, has allegedly turned into with 🦸🏻‍super hero 🦸🏻‍ force us becoming a “political action group” in just a few short weeks.


Although I am flattered, for those of you who aren’t familiar that process takes FAR LONGER than mere weeks. 😂👌🏻


The efforts to discredit us starting with 🦠 a select few in our medical community 💉 and now onto the 🍎 Superintendents/school districts 🚌 is quite complementary.


🤔 Looks like we’ve touched a nerve. 🤔

There is NO room for politics when it comes to our children and education. Parents aren’t the ones who made this POLITICAL...who ever thought they would use our children as pawns. 🤷🏻 #disgusting

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