Rally @ Penfield Central Schools

TODAY WE RALLY!!!! 3pm!!! Details below!!!!

A few housekeeping items:

1. Take time today to introduce yourself to others. We have parents, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, local officials, doctors, media, etc. coming out to support our cause. Regardless of our personal opinions - we are all in this as a community together for the children.

2. Focus your energy on the message of WE NEED ANSWERS AND WE WANT SCHOOLS OPEN!!! We will NOT REIMAGINE OUR SCHOOLS!!!!!!

3. Please remember this is not the time for personal attacks on school districts, superintendents, etc. Penfield (where we are rallying) for example understands our frustrations and they too want guidance from the state. We just need to PUSH TO GET SCHOOLS OPEN!!!

4. Please be mindful as you are parking to not park in the Penfield lot - it is a small lot meant for their staff and visitors. Also please be mindful of driveways and neighborhood entrances along Qualtrough. These are public roads and you are more than welcome to park along them, but just be respectful and patient. The parking isn’t ideal but the location is so be ready to park and walk and obey traffic signs!!!! Honk as you drive by too!!! We love the noise!

5. If there are those who show up in disagreement of our cause, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM. Please remember this is for our children! Children will be in attendance, too. Take the high road and focus on the message. This is OUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD!!!

Look forward to seeing everyone out there!!!! 👊🏻