Reminders for the Group

Long post, but so important...

Thank you to everyone who has joined our group! We have gained almost 800 members in just 24 hours! Wow! I am glad we can grow and continue this conversation. A few things:

1. I am trying my best to approve posts, accept people into the group, etc. Please remember, I am NOT paid to do this and I also have young children at home, professional responsibilities, etc. I started this group at 2am one morning as I was sitting up awake to find some liked minded, concerned parents - I didn't know I would find over 2,000 group members and growing. :)

2. It is okay for people to have varying opinions, but name calling, "trolling", antagonizing people, etc. is getting old. PLEASE, sometimes it is okay to agree to disagree. PLEASE just walk away from comments or think about if it's helping our children or our stress levels. Right now we are all feeling uneasy and a little on edge. I won't be policing comments on here as again, this is not my full-time job. Also, PLEASE refrain from attacking me simply because I started the forum when someone I don't even know offends you on here. Again, I created this group, but that does not mean I am endorsing every single viewpoint or comment.

3. I am so humbled by the messages I have received from complete strangers over the last few weeks. I want to answer all of you. I want to take calls from all of you. I want to know more. BUT when you grow by hundreds of new members a day, I can't get to everyone. Just know - I see you, I hear you, thank you!!!!!

4. Keep in mind, there will not be a "one size fits all" to reopening schools as much as we want that. I know some people are upset over the idea of "No New Normal" as well, but the reality is no one even knows what that "New Normal" even is - that is what makes me the most upset right now. I don't even know what we are or aren't up against. Focus our energy on demanding answers from our officials to figure out what we are working with so we can make informed decisions and plan accordingly. We will pick that battle regarding specifics when it is before us.

Keep spreading the word and help us continue to grow!