Response to Monroe County Federation of Teachers - TIME IS UP!

ROC for Educational Freedom learned on Monday afternoon of the Monroe County Federation of Teachers calling for a delay in reopening of our schools for in-person learning. It is our understanding this delay is until “it can be ensured that all safety concerns are appropriately addressed.”

In response to Andrew Jordan, Co-President of the Monroe I BOCES United Professionals stating “We need to take our time and do this right,” – ROC for Educational Freedom says,


The available data on COVID-19 shows that it presents a minimal risk to school children and transmission from children to adults is very uncommon. By contrast, the harm to children caused by school closures are well-documented, widespread, and severe. It is disgraceful that the unions claim to be pushing for schools to stay closed for the children’s safety, when all available evidence shows school closings are very harmful to children, while the virus presents an extremely small risk in comparison.

Schools have been successfully reopened in at least 22 other countries worldwide. Every country that opened schools in the spring is doing so again this fall. Multiple studies done after school reopening in countries such as France, Germany, and Denmark show schools have not caused excess spread of the disease, with researchers going so far as to say children act as a “brake” on disease spread.

· What if other industries acted like the teacher’s unions?

· What if our healthcare providers, grocery store/retail workers, manufacturing employees, emergency personnel such as police, EMT, firefighters, etc. decided not to leave their homes until they deemed it “safe?”

· What if they had created demand upon demand instead of serving our communities?

ROC for Educational Freedom is asking our elected officials including health officials, school administrators/boards, and community members to recognize the motives of local teachers unions and immediately dismiss their statement as it is nothing more than demands that are not driven by evidence, but rather by irrational fear and/or political motives.

Education and our schools are essential. It is time for teachers to fulfill their professional obligations to our community and serve our children just as working adults in many professions in our community have stepped up to the plate and done so for months.

Stop holding our children hostage.

It is also worth mentioning hundreds of teachers belong to ROC for Educational Freedom who want to be back at work full-time. The unions and organizations such as the Monroe County Federation of Teachers do not represent a rather large population of teachers who want to be back in their classrooms and they continue to ignore the voices of these members. Many dedicated teachers in our group have been silenced or are in fear of speaking out.

Monroe County Federation of Teachers – it is time your teachers step up to the plate as members of society. It is time to head back to the classroom. Those teachers that do not want to do their jobs need to make way for the teachers who do want to be in the classroom.

ROC for Educational Freedom will continue to fight for the reopening of our school doors come September. The children of our community deserve better and we will settle for nothing less!