Shannon Joy Show 9/1 - Childcare in Schools, Stupid Superintendents & Child Abuse

In case you missed it, Christina our founder co-hosted the Shannon Joy Show on WHAM 1180 Tuesday evening. Listen to Shannon and Christina at link below talk about:

  • The abuse of your children (at the hands of the state, your school districts, and the unions)...

  • The insanity of charging for childcare in YOUR tax dollar funded buildings DURING school hours...(Webster parents this is a must listen!)

  • What you need to do to take back control of your schools...

  • AND we will also answer the big question — Why are our superintendents and board of education leaders responding this way? (Hint: it’s really quite simple)

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Podcast entitled: 'Time to Crush The Toadies - Lockdown Policies Are Irreparably Harming Our Most Vulnerable - Senior Citizens & The Children ... It Is Wrong, Evil & BEYOND Time To Revolt To Seize Back Our Rights From The State'