THANK YOU - Rally 10/9

Wow Wow Wow!!! What an afternoon!

A BIG THANK YOU to the over 100 community members who came out on behalf of the children, seniors, and veterans in our community who so desperately need normalcy back in their lives.

An honor to share this event with S.O.S ROC and VoicesForSeniors - New York.

A special thank you to the elected officials or those running for office who took the time to stand in solidarity with us this afternoon and hear our concerns. Peter Vazquez - it's for our community, Chris Missick for NY State Senate, George Mitris For Congress and Slagana Avramoska Mitris, Kevin Wilson - Libertarian for Congress, Senator Rich Funke’s office, Ed Rath for Senate, Barry for State Senate

To our elected officials - Governor Cuomo, County Executive Adam Bello, Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza. Stop abusing our loved ones.

COVID isn't making our family members sick - YOUR actions (or lack there of) are.


Mental health, lack of healthy social interactions, inadequate education, failure to thrive - these issues matter!

We won’t be silenced and we will continue to fight.

Thank you Spectrum News Rochester and Wendy Wright for the coverage: