Update from Carl Schwartz - Motion to Consolidate from NY Attorney General's Office --DENIED!

Happy New Year! Tuesday evening we had the honor of hearing from attorney Carl Schwartz regarding updates to our pending legal actions in New York State in over 12 counties and counting.

As many already know, NYS requested in December that the courts consolidate all of our cases into one case to be heard by one judge. This in essence would strip localities and supreme court judges in each department the ability to hear cases locally. As the New York State Attorney General's Office was trying to paint out - they were overwhelmed and didn't feel that we the people had a right to have all these cases heard individually.

We learned late yesterday that the Honorable Judge William Taylor DENIED their motion to consolidate the lawsuits. Each county will continue to have their cases heard by local judges that we the people elected to serve our communities!

This is a major WIN for the people of New York State and sends a loud and clear message to our Governor! Congrats to our plaintiffs!

During our Facebook Live, we also discussed in great detail our next steps (or added layer) to legal actions. As Governor Cuomo shifts responsibilities of schools reopening from himself to the actual school districts and has been adamant that schools should be open, we are now turning to our school districts for immediate action.

Click here to see a letter that was sent to our superintendents in the Greater Rochester area on New York's Eve.

In Monroe County, if schools do not respond with a plan to open schools by February 1, 2021, by this Friday January 8, 2021, we already have dozens upon dozens of families who are lined up and ready to file lawsuits next week outlining the damages they have incurred against their school districts.

We anticipate replicating this legal action across New York State as well and will be getting information out to parents across the state about how you can locally join an action in your county! More to come...

Check out the video as well for additional updates regarding fundraising, additional resources we have been so fortunate to be extended through the Kennedy's Children's Health Defense and SO MUCH MORE!

As always THANK YOU for your support.

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