UPDATE - HOLD MENDOZA ACCOUNTABLE! We're Trying to Advocate for Your Children, Help Us!

September 29, 2020 UPDATE - It is becoming more and more evident through viewing policies in other counties what this pediatrician shared with our group simply is NOT TRUE. Other counties are NOT requiring a negative test for students to return to school. The physician who initially posted this in our group has not responded with additional information. Dr. Michael Mendoza absolutely SHOULD be held accountable as these are HIS GUIDELINES.

A local pediatrician here in Rochester, New York shared the following information with our group today on Facebook.

Parents have been working tirelessly contacting our Governor, elected officials, our state and county health departments, school districts, etc. for WEEKS and we are NOT BEING HEARD. Our children do not belong being subjected to these overstepping mandates/guidelines.

New York State - Governor Cuomo - New York State Department of Health - LET OUR PEDIATRICIANS DO THEIR JOBS! Let parents have a say in how their children are evaluated and treated. Parents and pediatricians know what is best for our children, NOT the state!



To quote this pediatrician:

"I know that I have seen this on several posts from different parents on this page, but I wanted to repost this and make it very clear to everyone that this policy is for all children in all school districts across the state. Although it has our county's Health Department tattooed at the top of the document, this is a STATE policy.

As a local pediatrician, I can easily assure you that it gives me (and a large number of my colleagues) significant concern.

It goes well beyond the CDC guidance on the issue which you can find at the following website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/symptom-screening.html.

I can tell you that I am not looking forward to having to see every child with a cold, I am not looking forward to having to test every child with a cold. To make a clarification as well, if a child comes to us with a fever and sore throat and they test positive for strep, the current guidance from the state will still require them to be COVID tested. As per the guidance, even with a negative COVID test, students will not be allowed to return to school until they are symptom free (not improving symptoms . . . symptom free).

This is the state, not your local pediatricians, not your local school district, not even your county health department.

This guidance differs from guidance that daycares have to adhere to. If you don't like this, then help us. Contact your state legislator, contact the governor. BE RESPECTFUL! Use science, use CDC guidelines. We want everyone to be safe . . . students, teachers, and families.

We're trying to advocate for your children, help us."