We Won't Be Silenced - WHAM 13 LIVE Press Conference - 7/13


Members - we are moving and grooving and pushing for OPTIONS FOR ALL! The biggest challenge we are facing isn’t whether schools will offer online learning, its if and how they will open the doors to the schools PHYSICALLY for in person learning! This needs to be done in a manner that makes sense for our children and schools. SCHOOLS NEED TO STAND UP AND TAKE BACK CONTROL LOCALLY FROM OUR STATE! You work for us and these are OUR SCHOOLS!

We are not out of the woods just yet - don’t let Governor Cuomo’s vague announcement today fool you...Cuomo can at a whim decide what he will or won’t allow OUR schools to do locally once these plans are received. He can decide on the flip of a dime to scratch all plans or close us down as quick as we open.

He has already demonstrated that he will hold us hostage on his timeline as he’s moved the goal posts repeatedly and he could very easily come in August and decide to NOT physically reopen the schools. The push to reopen and our voices need to be LOUD and we need to continue to say NO THANK YOU CUOMO!!!!

Believe it or not, we do have local control here locally. Just as he can tell President Trump to stop telling him what to do with his state, our local officials and superintendents need to tell him stop telling us what to do in a community he has NEVER LIVED IN, WORKED IN, OR SENT CHILDREN TO SCHOOL IN!

School district leaders - are you prepared to stand up for what our community needs? Or will you continue to just be his puppets and wait on his directive for weeks? These are OUR schools and LOCAL DECISIONS should occur moving forward to protect our schools and children.

Thank you to the 24 COURAGEOUS AND BRAVE physicians who stepped up and did what was right for our community today! To see that group growing by leaps and bounds just in the last 24 hours is amazing! We trust YOUR medical opinion, not those with political motives/connections!

I will be posting another version of this video later today but in the meantime, ENJOY!