You can pay for your child to be here...

BREAKING NEWS: Webster Central School District will provide care for your child for $32.00 or $40.00 a day the hours they won't be providing your child classroom instruction. For an entire school year this is roughly $5,600 - $7,000 per child a school year!

(For those unaware Webster is only offering K-5 instruction 2 hours a day leaving families scrambling to figure out the rest of the school hours 5 days a week.)

That's right folks - you can pay them to watch your child DURING school hours in the same school building they should be attending full day.

Bottom line -

If you pay extra for a "daycare" program in a school building it is deemed safe for your child to be there.

However, if your child is "learning" at school and you pay for them to attend through your taxes, it has been deemed unsafe and a no go...

Enough is enough. This is criminal. Our schools need to be held accountable NOW.